About The Venture


Mining bitcoin is not easy. The process of mining bitcoin is both time-consuming and expensive. With Eureka Digital Mining, the process is streamlined and efficient. We use immersion cooling technology to mine bitcoin efficiently and provide industry-leading returns to investors."

Eureka Digital Mining Inc was founded with the vision of delivering best in class bitcoin mining infrastructure to discerning clients with a focus on quality-built infrastructure. The partners of the venture are seasoned executives of the industrial electrical, power generation, data center and bitcoin mining industry.

In addition to sales and distribution of mining infrastructure and mining machines from MicroBT and Bitmain, Eureka Digital Mining has an active mining site located in Mississippi USA, utilizing 59+% carbon neutral utility in combination with industry leading 100% immersion cooling technology. This location offers us a live location for private mining, product testing and development in addition to hosting opportunities for clients interested in running their ASICS in a Intellfilex™️ facility. Our Intelliflex™️ modular mining facilities yield best in class processing speeds and power usage effectiveness. Efficiency in our mining process increases blockchain settlements drastically in comparison to traditional mining operations, resulting in industry leading returns.

Let's get mining!