Deploying Immersion Cooled and Direct Chip Cooling Blockchain Computing Systems

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Who is Eureka Digital Mining?

Eureka Digital Mining is an innovative mining infrastructure company focused on deploying immersion cooled and direct chip cooling technology to provide our clients with world class modular facilities. As the exclusive global distributor of the industry leading Intelliflex™️ line of innovative data solutions, we work hand in hand with the manufacture, CES Corp. and mining clientele to deliver turnkey modular immersion mining facilities. Additionally, as a certified distributor of Greenhash we are proud to provide direct chipped cooling solutions. Through our strategic partnerships with MicroBT and Bitmain, we can assist with procurement of mining machines to compliment a complete turnkey immersion deployment:
Simple. Scalable. Best in Class.


Immersion cooled bitcoin mining facilities significantly reduce maintenance, noise and operational costs in addition to a significant increase in processing power due to potential of overclocking.

Immersion cooling is a technique where crypto mining ASICs are submerged in a specialized dielectric fluid, circulated to keep the ASICs' integrated circuits operating at lower temperatures, even when overclocking up to 40%. Lower noise, less dust/dirt/debris, longer miner life, enhanced overclocking capabilities AND NO WATER REQUIRED, immersion mining IS the future of crypto mining.


About The Venture

Mining bitcoin is not easy, the process of mining bitcoin is both time-consuming and expensive. With Eureka Digital Mining, the process of deploying best in class infrastructure is streamlined and efficient. We offer our clients additional services including site layouts & renders, electrical engineering, freight to site and crane services, equipment installation (worldwide), project commissioning & miner sourcing direct from Bitmain and MicroBT.

Eureka Digital Mining Inc was founded in 2021 with the vision of delivering best in class bitcoin mining infrastructure to discerning clients with a focus on quality-built products. The partners of the venture are seasoned executives of the industrial electrical, power generation, data center and bitcoin mining industry.

In addition to sales and distribution of mining machines from MicroBT and Bitmain. Our Intelliflex™️️ modular immersion facilities and Green Hash hydro cooled containers yield best in class processing speeds and power usage effectiveness. Efficiency in our mining process increases blockchain settlements drastically in comparison to traditional mining operations, resulting in industry leading returns.

Let's get mining!