PowerHub 415V Distribution

  • 2200A 3 phase 415V distribution bus
  • 50kA SCCR
  • QPS certification based on UL 508A standard
  • 6x 400A load breakers for 3PH SPDU
  • 12x 7.5kW Siemens G120X VFDs for pumping infrastructure
  • 12x 15kW Siemens G120X VFDs for dry cooler fans
  • 1x Siemens touchscreen HMI
  • 4x 15A 240V 1PH current limiting fuses for fans, lights and house loads
  • 1x 40A 415V 3 phase current limiting fuses for rear receptacle
  • Each PowerHub is engineered and electrical coordinated to work with 6 Intelliflex 3PH Smart PDU’s