Intelliflex™ Modular Immersion Facilities

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Eureka Digital Mining proudly represents the Intelliflex™️ line of Immersion Mining Data Centres! A complete, turnkey immersion mining solution offering unrivalled density, supporting up to 5.53MW of ASIC's in a compact 12’X60’ module. Completely turnkey this system includes everything required from primary transformers, 415V distribution, 3Phase Smart PDU’s, heavy duty aluminum tanks with lids, Grundfos pumps, Shell S3X dielectric fluid and premium, built in the USA dry coolers NO SITE WATER REQUIRED! In an insulated, air conditioned modular building package.

Intelliflex™️ offers the highest package density in the entire industry, while mitigating significant deployment risk for miners associated with incomplete product designs, and onsite construction challenges.

Combining our knowledge in the electrical, power-generation and data centre industries with our strategic partnership with the Intelliflex™️ Innovative Data Solutions product line, we have the in-house expertise to design, build and deploy your next project! From behind-the-fence power contracts and installing power generation assets to deploying crypto mining modules, we can facilitate all aspects of your crypto mining goals. Contact us for more information

Need power, immersion mining modules, miners, we can do it all, lets get mining!

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Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion System

Intelliflex™ Immersion Mining Data Centres

Eureka Digital Mining is proud to be the exclusive sales partner for Intelliflex™ Immersion Mining Data Centres. Built in Canada and deployed worldwide, the Intelliflex™ IMDC utilizes the most efficient cooling method for your high-density computing hardware; our modular approach offers a fully integrated, solution including immersion tanks and associated process and cooling equipment. All modules are sold turnkey, including our proprietary Mega-Box primary voltage transformers, power hub distribution, pdu’s, pumps, valves, dry coolers and immersion fluid. Featuring unrivaled density, each 6.0MW - 60’ module allows up to 5.5MW of IT load (1,152 miners per module).

With best in class overclocking speeds, say no to dust, noise, high temperatures and poor efficiencies with traditional air-cooled systems say yes to Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion Solution! Reach out to learn more: .

To complement this industry-leading product, Eureka Digital Mining specializes in power-generation equipment deployment, crypto module maintenance and behind-the-fence power supply through our network of Independent Power Partners.