IMDC3.0 /3.0 Hybrid

  • 3.0MW Immersion cooled modular data center
  • 12’ X 30’ X 12’ Purpose built modular facility: Hybrid model in a 60’ module with 30’ dedicated to mining and 30’ dedicated to flex ( office / warehousing) space
  • 2.76MW of ASIC power, 576 S or T-series miners at 4800 watts each or 384 Whatsminer immersion ready miners at 7200 watts each
  • 2 X 415V PowerHub distribution
  • 1 X 3000/4000kVA MegaBox Dry-type transformer, split core, cast resin design with integrated protection and metering
  • Industry Leading 3PH Industrial Smart PDU accommodates ALL latest 3PH and 1PH miners currently available
  • Roof mounted dry coolers with redundant fans on VFD, require no site water!